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  • How do I style my textile art?
    Nondyed Textile Art: Feel free to use a steamer or iron (in a low-medium dry setting) to straighten the fibers. Like you do with hair, use a wide tooth comb or fingers to carefully separate and make the strands fall in place. Tap the fibers against the wall to close any gaps between them. *Avoid using steamer on pieces with mix media antique gold frames as the patina can get steam marks. Dyed Textile Art: Use a wide tooth comb or gently run your fingers through the strands to make them fall straight and in place. Pad the fibers against the wall to close any gaps between them. Mixed media metallic frames and panels: We strongly recommend using fabric gloves when handling and installing this type of art to avoid body oil marks to the patina. Avoid using steamers on pieces with this type of frames/panels. Iron in a low/med dry setting is ok to use if fibers are undyed.
  • Do you offer trade prices?
    Special discounts on existing artwork are available for interior professionals, art consultants and the hospitality industry. Please go to our trade program page (link provided below) to learn more. Vita Boheme | Trade For Interior Professionals & Art Consultants (
  • How do I hang my textile art?
    All our pieces include hanging hardware systems and instructions for a secure and easy art installation. Instructions will be provided along with the art.
  • Can you recreate a sold out piece?
    Please be mindful that each element in our textile art is unique and therefore exact replications aren't possible to achieve. The good news is that even though no two pieces are precisely and perfectly alike, the artist is always able to work on a similar design to the one you love. Feel free to contact us for custom inquiries and/or further questions.
  • What is the return policy of your shop?
    All art sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges on purchased art. It is the client's responsibility to carefully read the item description and all additional information such as dimensions and shipping policies before moving forward with your purchase. Please don't hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions regarding any body of work prior placing your order.
  • How do I clean my textile art?
    When necessary, remove the fiber canvas and take it outdoors. Gently shake side to side to release any dust particles. Dust particles on the rod or frame may be wiped away with a clean dry cloth or swifter. Lint rollers can be used but make sure to remove some of its stickiness by rolling it on your clothes several times prior rolling it over the textile art fibers. NEVER use cleaning products or a damp cloth to clean dyed textile art. This can reactivate dyes and pigments potentially causing color bleeding and permanent damage to the piece.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    Domestic Shipping: We offer complimentary domestic shipping. Packages are ship either via UPS ground, USPS priority, or FedEx. For ready to ship artwork please allow 3-7 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. Most domestic packages take 5-14 days to be delivered (depending on its final destination). Upon receipt of the required deposit, custom commissions usually have an 8–20-week turnaround time (please note that the timeline for commissions will vary depending on the nature and complexity of each project and it will be submitted to client via email). Once your package is shipped, you will receive a notification with the tracking number. International Shipping: International delivery times and shipping costs will vary depending on the package final destination. Shipping prices to Canada via FedEx or UPS usually ranges from $50- $500 depending on dimensions and weight of your package. All other international shipments range from $150-$800 also depending on location, weight, and dimensions of the package. Custom artwork that requires to be shipped in a crate will be quoted once the artwork is completed. Please note that custom duties and import taxes may be required for goods that are shipped internationally. Vita Boheme Studio is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your purchase. All tariffs and fees imposed during or after shipping are solely the purchaser's responsibility.
  • What materials do you use to create your textile art?
    Hand Dyed Fiber Canvases: Most hand dyed pieces are crafted with our signature cashmere merino wool. The merino wool is ethically sourced by a small family-owned mill based in USA. Our wooden frames are crafted by an experienced/licensed local carpenter to ensure their longevity and best wood quality. The fibers are dyed with custom prepared textile pigments and natural dyes. Tassels and Juxtaposed Panels: Our tassels and juxtaposed textile art are made with raw combed organic cotton fibers, silk, tencel and bamboo blends. Mounting frames will vary depending on the style and design of the artwork. Half Moon Textile Art: Most of our signature half-moon pieces are made with reclaim birched wood or natural woods such as walnut or teak. Fibers will vary depending on the design. Mixed media products and coloring techniques are used by the artist to give some panels/frames textured and aged metallic finishes.
  • Can I return a defective piece?
    Vita Boheme Studio is not responsible for any damaged or lost items during shipping transit. We inspect all items prior dispatchment and fully insure all packages. In the rare occurrence of a lost or damaged shipment, we encourage the purchaser to contact us within 15 days of shipment in order to file a claim with the carrier for a possible reimbursement. If the artwork gets damaged during transit, we require the purchaser to send us a video and/or photos of the damaged piece so we can do an inspection and offer to repair it if possible. If the box looks smashed and/or has overall damages at delivery, then we strongly advise all clients to inspect your goods with the carrier being present. Please take pictures and/or video of the damaged box before opening it. Also take pictures and videos of any damaged goods. All returned pieces for repair should be sent via UPS or FedEx fully insured for the item's value. Purchaser is responsible for all return and re-shipping costs. Please email if returning a damaged item.
  • Can I post about you and your work in my blog, website or social media page?
    Absolutely, but please contact us beforehand to get authorization for any kind of use of our intellectual property and/or copyrighted products. Unauthorized use of our copyright and/or intellectual property is prohibited. Legal actions might be taken against those who infringe.
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